Duty remission scheme

· Duty remission scheme

EPCG(Export Promotion Capital Goods)

EPCG Scheme helps in facilitating the import of capital goods for manufacturing quality goods and to augment the competitiveness of India’s export. EPCG scheme enables the import of capital goods that are used in the per-production, production, and post-production without the payment of customs duty.

Advance Authorization

Advance Authorization Scheme allows duty free import of inputs, which are physically incorporated in an export product. In addition to any inputs, packaging material, fuel, oil, catalyst which is consumed / utilized in the process of production of export product, is also be allowed. Advance Authorization covers manufacturer exporters or merchant exporters tied to supporting manufacturer(s).

License for restricted item:

Items which are Restricted under the ITC(HS) IMPORT Policy requires a license prior to the importation.