Farmer Related activity

Farmer Related activity

NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development)

NABARB make Arrangements to avail Institutional Credit for Agriculture and Rural Development. The Government of India encourages farmers in taking up projects in select areas by subsidizing a portion of the total project cost. All these projects aim at enhancing capital investment, sustained income flow and employment areas of national importance. NABARD is a channel partner of the Government; Subsidy as and when received from the concerned Ministry is passed onto the financing banks.

VCA (venture capital assistance) scheme of SFAC (Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium)

Venture Capital Assistance is financial support in the form of an interest free loan provided by SFAC to qualifying projects to meet shortfall in the capital requirement for implementation of the project.


To facilitate setting up of agribusiness ventures.

To catalyse private investment in setting up of agribusiness projects and thereby providing assured market to producers for increasing rural income & employment.

To strengthen backward linkages of agribusiness projects with producers.

To assist farmers, producer groups, and agriculture graduates to enhance their participation in value chain through Project Development Facility.

To arrange training and visits, etc. of agripreneurs in setting up identified agribusiness projects.

To augment and strengthen existing set up of State and Central SFAC.